Thursday, September 30, 2004

the messiah

it comes by itself through the hollow dark
searching for a victim's heart mingled in a ringled park
never full of himself he created his own deliberium
on a scale of the death he screams for a little beg

with it might he crawls a thousand night
again and again he stumbled and tears coming like fogs
he was reborn with a body to fond
as a soldier of fire he wonders without a fear

lust and dust fill the crust of brain
he faced the lace and set up his pace
another yet to lose he regain his nest
and charging far forward searcing the only face

everything that counts he has lost the pain
the lights revealed and the game has end
so he back again to the fire of vain
return of evil to his mount of doomed

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

they just dont bother

they just dont bother anymore
about all the things that makes us all pure
to stand up tall and dare to be different
and shout it out loud away from this total bore
we're not a freak when we lose our peak
time is so much expensive when we stand massive
experience that we gained is better than the taste of sacred pain
the feeling of the rushing blood is merely across the lane
for the thing that had happened just let it all happen
a year around and those everlasting dawn
we will again come forward with guns
to claim our rights as the freak on the run.........
1.41 pm
16 sept2004
for my fellow revo...