Thursday, March 22, 2007


it was your night
i was your audience
those were your stories
so avidly i watched,
you were smiling..

you were the narrator
that knows no ending
i was your reader
witnessing your tale..

that was where you grew up
it was where you learned things
i was once inside you
and i want never to get out...

that was where i met you
the same where i kissed you
i was on the outside
watching the past together with you..

9.31 pm

Monday, March 12, 2007



cranky as it seen, it stays beautiful
wide and simmetry but so mysteriously it speaks
more and lively, everytime she sees it
a swift graceful on land of god's give
as he remembers it, he knew it all along
that the beginning is at the end when the moon wakes up
waving good bye to the grizzly sun
never she fail to give him the peace
that never belongs to human kind...


no number

no number

on long the summer
that melts it away
sandy beaches full with silver corals
that shines my eyes
and dipped in my smiles
the monstrous rock sitting on the vibe
of mermaid's song
singing the lullaby of broken tears
i listen vermently...
so if the sun sets it tranquility
and the moon jumps gracefully
let me be the one who sees it
for the past it shall be
and now that is left is only me ...
is only me.