Wednesday, September 19, 2007

your angelic face

your angelic face

you were a white cloth

that knows no bounderies

timeless in beauty...

exquisite with such smiles you gave to this world

brightens every corner or this darken heart

and relishing me to such atmosphere i never have been before...

every step that you took

in crossing the path of such dry, such beauty as i looked straight to you

your angelic face

every words count as i read your horror end

in the hands of preying monster

i could not even start

as for nothing i endure could ever ease a thousand pain left...

go to the place of forever

for your dearly beloved memory stays with me

and soon i will follow

and pray hard that i go

to the only face i know worth of looking

worth of everything

only you...your angelic face..

-20th sept 07-

Monday, September 10, 2007


when her hope gets sober
dont tell him that you want to be here
sharing the same umbrella
shaltering from the same rain of stars
in the middle of a night...
and then he goes
leaving her with no chance of explaination
because maybe he just knew that what's right is right
and dont ever meddling with the balance
for in the end she will eventually smile
and perhaps still love him
until the hope may finally get sober
the days were sulk with pretty faces
sour lines crumpled as they never thought it could happen
between two path of opposite lane
they must a separate way.
the sun rises as a roman empire
claiming as it is superior than anyone of them
and yet they stand still...unchanged
waving her young hand away for him
dropping her crystal faded cry
and fake smile...asking him to never be.