Sunday, March 26, 2006

resident evil

a resident of an enigma

i was there when they burnt down the yellow cottage of her
without a pity we left her lying motionless with a breath to catch
satisfy with our own indegenious that was unbearable for me to see
and we killed the whole riddle that left us with no answer to match
years come by and lots of things had happened
i am still here watching your mystery in fear
questioning every single thought playing with the smallest clue
what have we done here,are we all the killers
is it just a coincidence that she is now not here
what happen then, if the past is not like what it has written
are we still living in this enigma do we still have to re-live the dogma
or a painful ending i feel i believe is haunting to our last fear...

27th march o6
paradigm of illusive fear

Thursday, March 02, 2006


psycho's test

it was hard like hel
took me quite a while to regain my conciousness
i had to pretend for all i care
and smile like it was easy and i had a great time answering...
but it was'nt like that at all
an irony of the words spilled and a motion of an unwarranted thought
i quizzes my self prediction and justify my credibility
i ran onwards around and around
i sat over the edge and i cleaned myself out...
what kind of feeling was that
why was i?