Sunday, June 24, 2007

heaven's eyes

heaven's eyes

yes you.
the one with heaven's eyes.
that melts away my days
the one with silly weird nose
but never failed to carve happiness within my soul
your smiles that sooth my doubt
the smile of thousand tears
yes you.
forever in me, such a tragedy.
you created a world with your kindness showed to me
a world of your's that i inside it
grateful and symetry, casted perfectly in a jungle clouds of thing beyond
a feeling.
with the heart of the kindness person.
love of such superior.
and touch of a soft angel.
the women i only love.
the one i have truly ever....

zarie's world

Friday, June 22, 2007

life is beautiful

purple blood of november
turns to blue in April that summer sings its lullaby
dancing with crowds in the month of december
where sweetest taste of God's rain pouring on old verendah

early morning where we got up from dad's ragged bed
strolling flawelessly to see the petals shine its sight
in the afternoon we sat. with mom's tasty sambal belacan
at night we stared towards the darkness and stars prevail.

it was twenty years ago.
when i was only a child but life thought me to be an adult
where life is beautiful when you are only a child
and life is so grateful to you

those were really the days i supposed
we laughed and cried for the beautiful part of honesty
keeping no secrets between you and me
those were the days when i was a child.


forget all my swearings if darkness prevails
remember my lacking if your only intention is leaving
for never i in awe of the beautiful game they played
and you that can only justify it

so i am the ever adressed black sheep
that is so maticulously hard to be pleased
and failure to some for only wanting to make me happy
and you that can only justify it

why should words need to be place accordingly
where the matter is only the meaning.
why should it be easily changing
and you that can only justify it

so half of you is somewhat vague
where i found it funny that used to be me
questions that need to be ask
and you that can only justify it.

so long i have wait
only to be told that life is unfair
but nay i must say
for life is sweet for those who dare to taste it...

5.01 pm
22june 07