Wednesday, November 28, 2007


the sun walks through the valley of the doom

where it lays its tired hands in motion

ready to give up the glory of thousands of years

beaming endlessly to our separate souls.

and pour our head with the love of God's

the end is near they say

too many distruction done in so little time

creatures that seemed to

we..are those who forfeit

and diversified in layers of the opposites

soon to be crunched for our own stupidity

and mistified by the mystery that we never had a chance to discover

are we not human enough?or we just never was?

the existance that never quits

and surrender to the enigma and paranoia

give our land the chance to live

for her grace has long desperate to break free

and how she deserves it more than anyone of us do

let we be the only reason we see

Monday, November 05, 2007

you had chose me

with dying heart

that night you were my sunshine
so radiant, blissfull in the world of your own
beyond everything that lies in our imagination
like a sparrow that hanged on the top of the highest sky
you smiled towards me...
in an instant i knew i worth nothing to you
just a petty being in a crowds of diamonds and silks
you came towards me...
i had my life that i knew i can never earn it
not in a hundred years not forever
watching you gazing was hard for me to disintegrate on the air of that night
but if there were ever doubts, you certainly not a part of me
for as hopeless i am to you, you cast a pretty unthinkable image
with that coral on your top figure
and that evenstar glowing from below
and that end me up nicely
to the end of my only hope
but no matter, you had chose me
your sip of drinks were like the immortal
forever there...untouched.
beauty with persona...deadly in control
i justify it with nothing i could ever conjured
but that's the beauty for you had chose me.