Thursday, August 16, 2007

the rise of Nazism

the sun rises at the dawn of western block
in silent it grows stronger everyday
like a river that sees its end of everything
nothing could ever stop them from the rising

years of oppression and discrimination
living in horror as the bombs and bullets becoming our heir
side by side corpses waltzing proudly at the beginning of their journey
naked with sovereignty...

look deeply in the eyes of the children
do you see hope glitters in surpression
do you see life after your death
or evil galloping your destiny...

make this our fiction of true greatness
for nothing could dismiss the chance of redemption
and let the future sees us in awe
and let them remember we dare ourselves against any odds

rise the people of aryan...
linger in the new light of power among the hunger
forward in your step of greatness
and rule our forefathers for the thirst of glory


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

mimpiland ep2

mimpiland ep2

the door seems so far from my reaching
the very oak like door with that golden knob
engraved in classical roman mystery
that i knew before my time

i was so sure i have once visited it
stepped beyond it sometime i forgot when
linggered inside it but i know where
but i did..

it was like a land so vast from us
covered with beautiful colored flowers
of lilys, roses, orchids and daffodills
dancing gracefully in morning face

i remembered the tall oak tree that sits in the middle
of this weird black pond..
but somehow seem so alive with the light that came from within.
red yellow and green dots of fishes cherishing my presence..
i knew i saw pheonixes dancing in jubilation in the sky,
the sky was purple. so different than one i recognized before
far from the place i stood,there were movement of creatures
hairiest i have ever seen but some how so mystical they enchanted me
singing an unknown anthem that sooths my heart...

it was too fast to remember anything.
it was suddenly dark and i felt my body flying
everything dissappeared in slow motion
and no happy thought remains inside

i could swear i heard thunder..
but deep in me i knew it was not
so loud the voice it trembles my veins
so angry it almost sound like a volcano errupt...and so i closed my eyes.

i was awake in silence..
to notice that i am all alone
in this cube like corridor that fill with white colour
and a shining light at far end of it..


Wednesday, August 01, 2007



syurga itu ada pada sana
di hati, di minda dan ada pada cara
segala yang telah tercatit dan sedia terbuka
sekali-kali tidak tergapai jika itu yang kita pinta

Syurga itu hidup dalam kehidupan
dengan rasa segala pancaindera
setiap masa yang tak pernah terjangka.
namun begitu halus jika difahami
syurga itu milik kita

syurga wujud telah sekian lama
selamanya di hati dan cara
tidak tercapai bagi yang terlalu menjangka
tidak tertawan bagi kita yang suka melawan
dan gagal dalam neraka dunia.

syurga kau tetap di hati
dan tetap dengan cara semoga manusia bahagia
memahami kau wujud sekian lama
dan biar senyum biar tertawa