Wednesday, October 20, 2004

an apple for us..

i lay my trust for you to differ
between good and bad what not in those paper
is happiness you seek i promise you my dear
somewhere in the middle i will see you later

above those mountains swim across what rivers
to heaven we fly away from this majesty fear
i love you dear and i make it all clear
hold me tight tonight and make this unchainted dream feels like forever.....

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

i am a slave....

an image of pearl came down last night,
a secret of world yet not purely discovered.
waiting aimlessly myself trying hard to press
sooner or later my friend we will open up the chest.

so far away i lay my trust
alone in the dark hoping for somekind of luck
give me a clue and i shall present it to you
for God has send me here and i'm just a little slave my dear...

will and might are all too obvious
a secret deep and a life fully remembered
a thousand stars flying high so far
never wondering why everything seems so fine

walking endlessly here i long have suffered
i scream and shrieks when it meant nothing no more
i know my time is merely near
but to be on the wrong side is all i fear.
ramadhan al-mubarak