Monday, December 12, 2005


white cotton song
she was too innocent to be guided in this
suffering from our rotten sins we once help created
unfairly treated for we darkened her naive future
ditching her life as we are envious towards her mistiless fiction
was exploited since the day she was unfairly born
don't have a clue bout the days that will never come
she will never be understand as she will not have the time
thinking why she feels too weak while others can share thier shrieks
mom had died of a virus she carried
dad is fantasy as he never really existed
now why is she here suffering this cruel fate
of waiting the death to come and push her soul ahead
so goodbye little child as you shed your tear
make it a [romise then your soul will always be near...

3.43 p.m
13 december 05
writing lab
aids needs aid