Saturday, March 29, 2008


aku hembus
satu dua dan teruskan
aku suka
bila akal ku bebas
bila tiba ku hembuskan
sekepul demi sekepul
angin kebebasan.

rasa tenang
rasa riang
walau tak tersenyum tapi aku senang
masa angin hembusan
melayang terbang.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Baris Garis

baris Garis

Aku baca baris garis itu
Satu demi Satu
Membelek tanpa ragu
Sambil ukir bibirku dengan senyuman
Senyuman yang tak perlu aku gerakkan realitinya
Aku kenal kata prosa itu
Setiap butir mengingatkan aku
Kata – kata yang entah dusta entah benarnya
Tapi aku tahu
Tiada aku di sebalik bingkai sutera
Kata tulisan itu.
Aku kaji baris garis itu
Setiapnya penuh makna
Seakan –akan akulah yang hidup di dalamnya
Didalam ceritera garisan- garisan itu.
Setiap patah kata yang aku tahu dekat dengan ku
Namun tetap dan tetaplah jauh akan ia
Kerana tidak mungkin itu adalah aku.
Aku masih menghidu baris garis itu
Seakan membohongi jiwa malang ini
Tentang ada mungkin itu adalah aku
Bodoh dan jelek
Kerana hanya garis
Aku jual filosofi ku
Prinsip akal ku
Egois jantan ku
semata-mata bahagia sesaat yang pasti berlalu.
Terus berlari dari mimpi
Hasil ciptaan garis- garis yang kaku
Tanpa jiwa terhadap aku
Tanpa nyawa yang telah mati dulu
Tanpa cinta selepas aku.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


the memories of good old days
playing like a jazz beat that I have long wanting to hear
so peaceful as I lay and enjoy the virgin's night
deep in my thought.
how lovely it feels,
to bare the burden of the sweetest past
not being able to laugh as I used to
unable to re-live the only time that I most happy.
I dig the moment of my serene
with the care of old moon that nicely wont abandon me
not letting me be alone
and understand my restlesness
of being someone who misses his life too much
you surely smile at me.
my memories of such romantic
the only thing i wish once lasts forever
so it can come and visit me at times I need it the most
reminding me what I should never lose
and asking me that i should know
that no matter what storm may it come
I shall never walk alone

Monday, March 24, 2008


the journey taken was short
not enough to fill the gap created by all of his sins
yet he continues his walk
to reach the highest steep he can find.
he can feel his heavy steps caressing his mind to stop.
toying with his soul
telling him that giving up is the glory of the world
and he ought to enjoy what he may reach it before it lasts to none.
the failure is somehow fast reaching him
and over the edge of his dry lips,
he manages to slice his sweet smile
the warmth of his breathe
stroking aimlessly all over his throat
forcing him to accept the fact that he does ever want to accept it
what matters if this is the end of everything
if only lies and deceives awaiting him beyond the boundary
why should he be in agony
when life is only his kind enemy
for all of those words can ever deny his spirit
he knew before no questions should he seeks for
the only thing blazing in his core
is the only thing that helps him
with one end of line
is threading in its beyond imagination
only he could answer this call
for nothing in his life worth living for
if he cant finish this off.

Monday, March 17, 2008

the morning dew

Thank you for giving me the life I needed
and cherished me with the unfaded smile.
whispering me the air that never fail to fill my lungs
and make the sparrow sing at times when the sun forgets to smile
Bless me with ol' memories of the past.
and let it dives into the sensitive side of me.
fill it with all the regrets that I wanted to forget
so I can look at the mirrow and see the reflection of my
own enemy.
let the window be opened
and be the morning breeze caress my face
waltzing gracefully to the sound of morning dew.
the beauty of clouds...
the freshness of the trees...
the joy of children...

Monday, March 10, 2008

God and me

my days are bright
so bright it burns my eyes.
yet i never once complaint
for having to live such days are a bliss.
i feel at peace.
so peaceful i could sing you a song
a song that no one has ever heard of
yet it mesmerizes the heart of everyone
my smiles are pure
for nothing in this life i want to keep a secret
so everyone can smile like me
and live happily.
my life has no ending
for someone will continue it for me
though I might not ever know him
I wish him the best nonetheless
the nature has been kind to me
take me as his friend
and embrace me like a son
If I ever want to thank him
let it be now than tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


seven years of serendipity
cannot make me go away
this black clouds will only set its tendency
of my years of adolescence
will it break me at last?
will I be happy with all i have known
to whom this story should be told
only God knows the end
every tap of my shoes
taking me to the land of unnecessary
the heavy burden that i bear
slowing me down and keep me all at bay
i long for someone to touch me
not on my cheek but my heart should she
but knowing i live by my own
in this house of solemn
waiting to rot if nothing should happen to me
though i sad, though i am happy
be it to my soul
and let everything shower my scenery....