Monday, October 25, 2010

this to the night.

when the heart laments
and spirit wails in sorrow
pick up the gun
shoot your head and
blow it to its pieces.

when sad becomes a good friend
and life means no worthy than your own self
go hike a mountain
and throw yourself down
to its rocky jump.

strangle to your last breathe
let the pain becomes bearable
stop wearing that stupid mask
and stand like a man you are

this to the last.
this to your night.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

self and existance.

rainbow over her majesty fat old shadow
little rabbits do the hunting bow
macaques and their funny little show
and me and free of ever wanting more.

spiral overflowing of boring superficial things
shame on this place over the lame most horrid game
run around in an endless ring
sad faces turn on to sour
for all have been blamed.

leeches and bitches
befriend little peaches.
kappa and jengga
forever an enemy
to the world of Mika.

twinkle and wrinkle.
and I am now too old
to experience a tickle
to everything that I've been told.


Di bawah bintang terang
kelip kelip malam
awan-awan jingga
naik satu sumpah.

muhammad itu rasul Allah.

dari hembusnya satu nafas pertama
hingga tutup mata dan berakhir nyawa

dari bintang yang letaknya tertinggi
aku datang.
kepada bintang aku pulang.
dari turun utama roh suci
sampai turun malaikat jamah bumi.

lalu musnah jiwa
lalu ambil nyawa
lalu tamat satu cerita
mula cerita bintang cinta.

bintang jauh tak terhapus.
simpan rahsia di luh mahfuz.