Monday, December 12, 2005


white cotton song
she was too innocent to be guided in this
suffering from our rotten sins we once help created
unfairly treated for we darkened her naive future
ditching her life as we are envious towards her mistiless fiction
was exploited since the day she was unfairly born
don't have a clue bout the days that will never come
she will never be understand as she will not have the time
thinking why she feels too weak while others can share thier shrieks
mom had died of a virus she carried
dad is fantasy as he never really existed
now why is she here suffering this cruel fate
of waiting the death to come and push her soul ahead
so goodbye little child as you shed your tear
make it a [romise then your soul will always be near...

3.43 p.m
13 december 05
writing lab
aids needs aid

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the memoir of young geisha

the memoir of young geisha

she was singing the unsinging song
for she knows nothing can make her smile again
and nothing can make her feel like a child again
everyday is a pain to her
every present minutes too hurt to offer
is a black cloud she dont even want to listen to
a red tear she dont ever care to comfort you...
she dream naked for that is what her life is up to
she shout her silent voice for that pleases her inner fool
stroking and thrusting moaning and panting
for a meal to deal and roof to shield
is she a slave in a free room of this little brothel
or just a mistake she did'nt do but an escape she could'nt move
be the body of too expensive to be too cheap
and too matured for a too immature...
o baby you are to young to be touch
to innocent to be fond and too evil to be like one
too confused to become one
cut the misery o lord who she beliefs
let her go in peace beyond the cloud of midst
not to come again to such a place like this
and be moan again for a joyous freak...
away from the life of sins
away from the those strumpets bitch
for you worth more than that
a precious gem unlight...

a hard one

Monday, September 19, 2005

soq class

old telegraph machine

sitting at the back of this uncomfortable room
watching horribly at the old telegraph machine
listening to the ever unfading sound of the past
reminding us that history is not just a mere dust...
i dont mean to be rude or what?
but i think some old stuffs are changeable
perhaps a rotten machine like you is just one of the stuff
perhaps not but this attention is no more supporting you...
make no mistake about me respecting you
for you have all the respect in this whole world
but an old telegraph machine like you
you ought to change or you too be in the faces of the days...
between me and you differences are not something new
for you make all the talking and i suffer all the suffering
i long have stop thinking that you are somekind of a jinx
so please stop ticking so i can start thinking..

3.50 pm

Thursday, August 25, 2005



from the green grasses of the unholy land
the smells of windless air that anihilate this soul
this feeling of aching painlessly hard inside
i stand amaze by the victory of worth thousand of years

will it be happen if we are still stand alone
let the blood be streaming and see our children crying
not responsible for those unstopable praying
let alone equally share the blink...

dont stop while this fight is still tempting
for it will constantly flowing and the rest will eventually follow
let this be the ending so we will not be colliding
and be conquered again and live the same pattern in pain...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005


at a time like this i feel love is all we need
that ignorance is blissfull and those lies are shameful
are we not what we see...what we hear...and what we think?
stupid bonds are fantasy but the bloodline is forever...

we cry for things we did'nt feel...alone we are stangers.
roaming across the street, we struggle to fight the animosity
but no matter how hard we deal we ended up searching,
be not we entitled for and left it for eternity....

let them think and do what they feel like doing
so they are not what we think they should be?
is it them to think about or is it us that hunger to feed our curiosity
you and me are different but let them see what we see...

less to ponder makes no different at all
because we lit the spark and be responsible once we hit the mark
do stay away from the life of grudge
jargonize your thought this is a riddle in short...

to lazy to think

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

freedom fighters

freeDOm fIGhterS

lot of things happen in our little world today
for a tiny us we see through a unknowledgable perspetive
kind of different but shares the same passion of living
and in a far greater responsibility yet mesmerizing equality

for those who simply don't get what we eventually meant
simply turn around your head and watch our children are doing these days
you may find that it's hard to deliver and in a same time be a receiver
when you get at the point where i'm standing right now
you will listen and move like we freedom fighters do

for a hundreds of years since what they called crusades
we live in a different artificial far greater than a zion
engaging ourselves to the globalization and yet suffered tremendously
by those zionists allegedly telling us that our blood is cheaper than thiers...

we are not anti sematics nor a hypocrytes to lie about a life ahead and what we feel
a link of an alternative better stream of way and a point of unity we seek
so the world can stand still and our existance can be surprising
for better or worse our destiny foreseen has to be tempting ...

freDOOM fighters
5.51 p.m

Friday, April 29, 2005


satu by dewa
specially dedicated to my lovely wife nurhartini a. rahim




Tuesday, April 26, 2005

simplicity in friendship

innocent emotion

much i feel about these days
haunting my simplicity it gets through my nerves
boredom strikes with all those usual stuffs
i get tired by my swarm of socialites
have you ever get so tired you feel like an outcast
unwanting to get involve with those bloody cheap political scheme
feeling sad when it swims far than ever
able not to hold the same spirit shared like before
time will change so do we
but our bonds will not because it was beyond that be
an oath once we agreed as our responsibility
seems not in the midst of darkness i let it free
while im typing this the river is still flowing
with all the toxics invented by our own hipocrisy
i dream that soon we will be as what we promised we will be
stay in the shade live by our secret little tree
for better or worse happily as mighty young wit
i live in this crazy dream for the sake of our smiling...

22th april 05
5.05 pm

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

srikandi cinta ku...

srikandi cinta ku....

dingin malam tirai kenangan ku
tersingkaplah sekurun ingatan
terciptalah rimba kehidupan
percintaan dalam perjuangan

kesetiaan sebagai bekalan
bisikanmu penuh pengharapan
tiada garis dapat memisahkan
segalanya kudrat mu tuhan

alam bagai mengerti
segala yang terjadi
embun menitis panas simpati
pertemuan tiada awal akhir

perutusan berdarah kuterima
gugur kuntum di tengah halaman
medan ini kurasakan sepi
terpaku pilu

kusemaikan pepohon kemboja
dan bunganya adalah hatiku
semadilah dalam kedamaian
semangat ku tetap bersamamu

kan ku usung oh jenazaah cinta
semadikan nisan kasih suci
semangatku tetap bersamaku
selama pasti

alam bagai mengerti
segala yang terjadi
embun menitis pada simpati
pertemuan tiada awal akhir

perutusan berdarah kuterima
gugur kuntum ditengah halaman
medan ini kurasakan sepi
terpaku pilu

debu malam meragut kenangan
menyedarkan dari lamunanku
percintaan dalam perjuangan

Wednesday, February 23, 2005



I traveled for years, I might as well had forgotten
Roaming to each continent I could hardly search for
Every method I used and every route I ever journeyed
They did not satisfy me…
It is true I conquered you
Make love to your wives, kill millions of your pitiful sons
Every baby I forced to abortion
It did not satisfy me…
I did feel the shame
For the power invested in me I corrupted it
Burdening my throne I drowned by those sorrow souls
No lights for me to follow, nobody saves me from this dark hole
For the rest of my surviving kingdom
I will not let the woman stop from those tragic moaned
Let the blood flow from the human vain
So the suffering can endure all the pain…
It still did not satisfy me…

2.45 p.m
21st 02.05

Tuesday, February 22, 2005



A sample of human civilization that went sour
Total destruction caused by loser’s malfunction
Sweet little particles horrifying prick monsters
The system we once proud off now a total failure…
Generating the hatred, now we hunger for more power
Pacify your thirst pretending to be another
Weaknesses that should never be confessed cause it might be altered
Gaining the information from the land of no contradiction…
Experiment conventional terrifying the heart of our lonely souls
Real life control destructing the brain mole
For the guilt of time it demolishes within our control
Bring all the tendencies nearer to emotional enrolled…
The land of toxicity
Where we man are all meant to be…

2.47 p.m(during soca class)
Chaotic access

Monday, February 07, 2005

sound of the heart

i care

the world is getting lousy..
the people are getting crazy and it moves slowly to be a real clumsy
the clouds that i have seen,pouring its tears waiting for some kind of remedy
all that i can see before i left it behind so i can be with this tiny flea...
is it possible to stuck in here knowing that our existance is in the hands of the damned
why is it so hard to live in peace let be equal and be what ever we always wanted to be..
for once we lit all that only left and stop what ever time to hear our children's prayer
so we can share those happiness we once shared...
listening to the cries of children's laughing, rhymes of sweet jazz and souls...
watching our old fying kites above and sharing those juiciest durians that we really proud off...
but it still stand from where i have stand still...
a fact is still a fact whether we like it or how strong we are trying to avoid it...
bombs are everywhere and hatred is still man's wicked syndromes..
the dead bodies keep on counting and the fleshes are never going to stop itching...
how we wish these could be better someday,
so the flowers that we together planted, will bloom to its prettiest,most colorful it can ever be
and sound that always stuck inside here will again be heard and our children's smile be see...
i myself have long eagerly waiting,though i know that i might not be suitible to speak...
as my sins are too big and the will that most will contradict...i fear for that.
but a voice is still a voice,no matter how hard we try to shut...i still am a person.
still has a heart...passions that shared secrets and mind that will never stop calcullating...
i care...

7th february 05
sound of the heart



And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now
And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
And sooner or later it's overI just don't want to miss you tonight
And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am
And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yhea you bleed just to know you're alive
And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Thursday, January 13, 2005

tinie's original

tinie's original master piece

you tore a hole in my heart
and without thinking you made me cry
but after all the tears i kissed away
all by myself
still i can't tell myself to hate you
still my heart longs to hold you
i know you've been hurt
we both wept and criedmending two shattered hearts
we tend to be mean to show love
hand in hand, on this path, we still are
forgive the heartache i caused
on bended knees i plead do not take away this love
we vivid up the fading picture of us
don't let it vanish into thin aircuz i still want to see us there

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i miss you

i miss you when you are closer than ever
when you turn your head ignoring me like i am dead
i miss you really bad that sometimes i even turn mad
when we fight over things that will only make you closer to me
i miss you not when you are so far away
but when we stop talking and try to live with each other's way
i miss you not when we turn out to be mean
and we forget every little of our routine
i miss those smiles you give to me
even more when you turn yourself away from me
our hugging and fling even more when we're kissing
i miss not our beautiful past time but do, miss your last smile
i miss a lot...wish you can touch the other side of my part
so i wont miss you more...for a second or more
the sound of my heart is howling with sorrow
because i miss you so...i dont want you ever to leave this door...

2.34 p.m
4thJAN 2005



if lost i do not, i would not turn back
not anything in my mind i confess
on the edge of giving it up i reconsidered
i ran out of my patience the feeling is now what i fear...
i will not apologize for nothing i did should i do
i stand here still with a heart of a man that i killed before
faking the mirror infront of me so i can be like others...
what ever i think forget it right aside
because nothing in me that you ever trust to dive
and if you think i let you down by my certain measures
i will let it flies and then i smile so i can leave it to die...
how must i deal with things i fear that i might fail
when the boiling surfaces entrusted in me now trapping me like a jail
again and again i stay ahead to exactly be on the same lane
but ended up dead alone bearing every single of human pain...

4.33 pm

i miss you