Monday, April 24, 2006

a side of injustices

a side of injustices

a story of that damn bridge played us like never before
between two nations too hard to for them to chew
politically incorrect they feed us with
and again victimized by our equal right of not to know
why should we pay when there is none of the promise
do we earn this much to be equally treated like fools
are we not what we are those raised by your future agenda
or simply unimportant a burden of your hellish command.
simplified the matter that has long haunted us deliberately
for once speak the truth, honest in things you do
for this salvation needs its ending and lies shall not ever rule
then we follow you like what we agreed upon to...

25th april o6
politically adjustment

politically unheard

a nations bridge

a bridge of controversy is what we called
separated the two nation of a great lenght of ridiculous
playing its citizen like an old board of chess
dominating our thought and imprisoned it like they should never not.
are we not dolls that we deserved to be treated like this
are we foolish enough to secure our insecurity
then must we not open up our eyes and broaden clear of our idiocracy
a matter of future we are now heading towards the infidelity
it was a bright move to honour your country
by protecting our soils and standing proud for our people's glory
but why need somekind of hazy explaination covered with all sort of dishonesty
for we questioned it for the sake of our abandoned priority
in majority that are now fully supportive
u have us behind your back if ever you needed to
let us show that we are a proud nation filled with determined future
but so not to be forgotten that no army could make us yied in inferiority...

4.14 pm
24th april 06
in between the hypocracy