Thursday, August 25, 2005



from the green grasses of the unholy land
the smells of windless air that anihilate this soul
this feeling of aching painlessly hard inside
i stand amaze by the victory of worth thousand of years

will it be happen if we are still stand alone
let the blood be streaming and see our children crying
not responsible for those unstopable praying
let alone equally share the blink...

dont stop while this fight is still tempting
for it will constantly flowing and the rest will eventually follow
let this be the ending so we will not be colliding
and be conquered again and live the same pattern in pain...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005


at a time like this i feel love is all we need
that ignorance is blissfull and those lies are shameful
are we not what we see...what we hear...and what we think?
stupid bonds are fantasy but the bloodline is forever...

we cry for things we did'nt feel...alone we are stangers.
roaming across the street, we struggle to fight the animosity
but no matter how hard we deal we ended up searching,
be not we entitled for and left it for eternity....

let them think and do what they feel like doing
so they are not what we think they should be?
is it them to think about or is it us that hunger to feed our curiosity
you and me are different but let them see what we see...

less to ponder makes no different at all
because we lit the spark and be responsible once we hit the mark
do stay away from the life of grudge
jargonize your thought this is a riddle in short...

to lazy to think