Wednesday, May 25, 2005

freedom fighters

freeDOm fIGhterS

lot of things happen in our little world today
for a tiny us we see through a unknowledgable perspetive
kind of different but shares the same passion of living
and in a far greater responsibility yet mesmerizing equality

for those who simply don't get what we eventually meant
simply turn around your head and watch our children are doing these days
you may find that it's hard to deliver and in a same time be a receiver
when you get at the point where i'm standing right now
you will listen and move like we freedom fighters do

for a hundreds of years since what they called crusades
we live in a different artificial far greater than a zion
engaging ourselves to the globalization and yet suffered tremendously
by those zionists allegedly telling us that our blood is cheaper than thiers...

we are not anti sematics nor a hypocrytes to lie about a life ahead and what we feel
a link of an alternative better stream of way and a point of unity we seek
so the world can stand still and our existance can be surprising
for better or worse our destiny foreseen has to be tempting ...

freDOOM fighters
5.51 p.m