Monday, December 20, 2004

perang yang tak pernah sudah

perang yang tak pernah sudah

hati ku terus bergoncang
akan perang yang amat melelahkan
suara tangis si anak kecil diam membisu tatkala semua terang
warga yang lesu berlari kedinginan terus berlari
tiada penghujungan....
hati mereka tetap membatu
walau darah terus mengalir
seakan singa yang tak pernah puas
mereka terus melapah si hati yang pernah suci....
harapan yang mengunung seakan tinggal cebisan
akibat letupan si pengempur yang tak pernah kenal kedamaian
apakah yang tinggal bukan sekadar kenangan
hati yang gelap akan terus kegelapan.....
selamatkah mereka yang tinggal dipenuhi haramnya darah
merentas waktu memusuhi tuhan
relakah hidup dimamah dosa silam
hentikan semua ini jadikan pendinding ikatan.....
perang yang seakan tak pernah sudah
sekian lama membosani jiwa-jiwa kering ini
semoga terang si matahari membasahi mata
dan kedamaian Ilahi kan kekal sedunia.....
4.11 petang
20th desember 04

Friday, December 03, 2004

inside our brain you figure it out

inside our brain you figure it out

the sound of silence is hard to differ
for whom i speak along the way to minggle
i speak what i am not and damn what i desire
but god knows my heart is all in fire
i think what others not
possibility is hard when i found it lingers
yet i discover and i enjoy my sole in fear
because in shape it screams than my brain is out
can you really tell what your heart desperately wants
what it says and shout it out loud
how well does it percieve when the world is all dark
working endlessly days and night with no time refer
figure this thing out and you find your way in luck

3th december 04
never think of it before

Thursday, December 02, 2004


the difficult part of life is the life itself.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

elfie (love,hate...tragedy)


i lean as it goes without a remedy
sacred pain i suffered as my life started this holy tragedy
my heart stumbled when they choked my innocent baby
crying and crying let him go my precious Elfie.....
another picture of hatred streaming flawlessly beneath his angelic eyes
telling me that he has enough of this having all those innocent lies
what they actually know when the feeling is merely strapping on the dice
waiting the death to come and bring him up above the promises sky
i look at him with all the love that i possessed
praying to god alone let this be just another test..
as the time goes by i can clearly see in his eyes
weakeaning endlessly my dear this is all that i fear
i saw the misery and exchange my deal to die
but gently he refused by the blinks of his eyes
so he closed his eyes and throw one last smile
the most sweetest smile i've seen in alfie's life
wednesday 1.12.04
5.23 p.m