Thursday, January 13, 2005

tinie's original

tinie's original master piece

you tore a hole in my heart
and without thinking you made me cry
but after all the tears i kissed away
all by myself
still i can't tell myself to hate you
still my heart longs to hold you
i know you've been hurt
we both wept and criedmending two shattered hearts
we tend to be mean to show love
hand in hand, on this path, we still are
forgive the heartache i caused
on bended knees i plead do not take away this love
we vivid up the fading picture of us
don't let it vanish into thin aircuz i still want to see us there

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i miss you

i miss you when you are closer than ever
when you turn your head ignoring me like i am dead
i miss you really bad that sometimes i even turn mad
when we fight over things that will only make you closer to me
i miss you not when you are so far away
but when we stop talking and try to live with each other's way
i miss you not when we turn out to be mean
and we forget every little of our routine
i miss those smiles you give to me
even more when you turn yourself away from me
our hugging and fling even more when we're kissing
i miss not our beautiful past time but do, miss your last smile
i miss a lot...wish you can touch the other side of my part
so i wont miss you more...for a second or more
the sound of my heart is howling with sorrow
because i miss you so...i dont want you ever to leave this door...

2.34 p.m
4thJAN 2005



if lost i do not, i would not turn back
not anything in my mind i confess
on the edge of giving it up i reconsidered
i ran out of my patience the feeling is now what i fear...
i will not apologize for nothing i did should i do
i stand here still with a heart of a man that i killed before
faking the mirror infront of me so i can be like others...
what ever i think forget it right aside
because nothing in me that you ever trust to dive
and if you think i let you down by my certain measures
i will let it flies and then i smile so i can leave it to die...
how must i deal with things i fear that i might fail
when the boiling surfaces entrusted in me now trapping me like a jail
again and again i stay ahead to exactly be on the same lane
but ended up dead alone bearing every single of human pain...

4.33 pm

i miss you