Wednesday, September 24, 2008

coke and menthol

coke and menthol
that's all I had last night
kind of stupid but I guess cool enough for me
most of it is only me.

coke and menthol
I blame all but not me
coke and menthol not worthy of all it

since quitting is an option
i took my whole pride to achieve it

coke is ok and menthol is bloody
I need a headstart
and get serious with my inner me.

coke and menthol is all i had
coke is ok and menthol is plain stupid

but I guess that is just me

menthol and coke
how foolish I can seriously be.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

at nights when the sky shimmers thy life with thousand stars
and serenate the joy of just born infant
i could sense your existance.
that you are hiding back behind the patchy ol' moon
shying your angelic wings and just wishing me luck
for bold enough to love those little souls.
I could sense your pain
your unbearable solemn pain if only you know the meaning of that world
I see your empty smiles
the one you regret the most to give
but I understand and I have no intention to overshadow your tales of memories.
maybe in the summer when the sun shines the most
and hills that once forgotten during the winter
can serve you right with that checkered red and white mat
letting you sit and sing your song of happiness you wanted the most.
finally killing yout left by whoever it concerns
your bitter pretence to its end.
my unintended.

ode to masquarade

we danced in the rain
we danced at the back of the stage
we laughed aloud
we laughed together
we sang the song
we sang our song
we dreamt the same dream
we dreamt our own dream
we smiled together
we smiled at our own stupidity
we barked at each other
we barked for the fun of it
we cried at petty things
we cried too many
some lost the love of their life
others bring it to the end of eternity
some left us in the middle of the journey
lots of us stay as a family
some have started their different path
some still dance to the same music
some may see us in different story
but we know it all that we still recite our own fantasy
some may die through the passing tide
others may watch and smile
but truth lies in the heart
we still share the same part.