Friday, December 21, 2007

life...a philosophy

did summer talks when you told
that there was nothing left in between
or was it just me smilling sarcastically
to the sign of our bonding scheme
sure it had no mean when necessarilly add to it
but we all know somehow it will hunt us down
like a mad dream in the middle of the coldest weird night
everything we have ever poured in between lies and honesty
how sweet when we were at our teen
but life twitches at us through and through
and left us dying to blame our discreet lameness
that everything is never enough and never loved
we are surely the creature of unforgiven
so try to think if that the brain is suppose to
is this the life we ever wanted or is only it?
maybe ought to give by the passing motions a think of
but eventually the question and the aftermath will linger still
until we understand what is what and why is everyting in this life.