Friday, December 21, 2007

life...a philosophy

did summer talks when you told
that there was nothing left in between
or was it just me smilling sarcastically
to the sign of our bonding scheme
sure it had no mean when necessarilly add to it
but we all know somehow it will hunt us down
like a mad dream in the middle of the coldest weird night
everything we have ever poured in between lies and honesty
how sweet when we were at our teen
but life twitches at us through and through
and left us dying to blame our discreet lameness
that everything is never enough and never loved
we are surely the creature of unforgiven
so try to think if that the brain is suppose to
is this the life we ever wanted or is only it?
maybe ought to give by the passing motions a think of
but eventually the question and the aftermath will linger still
until we understand what is what and why is everyting in this life.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


the sun walks through the valley of the doom

where it lays its tired hands in motion

ready to give up the glory of thousands of years

beaming endlessly to our separate souls.

and pour our head with the love of God's

the end is near they say

too many distruction done in so little time

creatures that seemed to

we..are those who forfeit

and diversified in layers of the opposites

soon to be crunched for our own stupidity

and mistified by the mystery that we never had a chance to discover

are we not human enough?or we just never was?

the existance that never quits

and surrender to the enigma and paranoia

give our land the chance to live

for her grace has long desperate to break free

and how she deserves it more than anyone of us do

let we be the only reason we see

Monday, November 05, 2007

you had chose me

with dying heart

that night you were my sunshine
so radiant, blissfull in the world of your own
beyond everything that lies in our imagination
like a sparrow that hanged on the top of the highest sky
you smiled towards me...
in an instant i knew i worth nothing to you
just a petty being in a crowds of diamonds and silks
you came towards me...
i had my life that i knew i can never earn it
not in a hundred years not forever
watching you gazing was hard for me to disintegrate on the air of that night
but if there were ever doubts, you certainly not a part of me
for as hopeless i am to you, you cast a pretty unthinkable image
with that coral on your top figure
and that evenstar glowing from below
and that end me up nicely
to the end of my only hope
but no matter, you had chose me
your sip of drinks were like the immortal
forever there...untouched.
beauty with persona...deadly in control
i justify it with nothing i could ever conjured
but that's the beauty for you had chose me.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

your angelic face

your angelic face

you were a white cloth

that knows no bounderies

timeless in beauty...

exquisite with such smiles you gave to this world

brightens every corner or this darken heart

and relishing me to such atmosphere i never have been before...

every step that you took

in crossing the path of such dry, such beauty as i looked straight to you

your angelic face

every words count as i read your horror end

in the hands of preying monster

i could not even start

as for nothing i endure could ever ease a thousand pain left...

go to the place of forever

for your dearly beloved memory stays with me

and soon i will follow

and pray hard that i go

to the only face i know worth of looking

worth of everything

only you...your angelic face..

-20th sept 07-

Monday, September 10, 2007


when her hope gets sober
dont tell him that you want to be here
sharing the same umbrella
shaltering from the same rain of stars
in the middle of a night...
and then he goes
leaving her with no chance of explaination
because maybe he just knew that what's right is right
and dont ever meddling with the balance
for in the end she will eventually smile
and perhaps still love him
until the hope may finally get sober
the days were sulk with pretty faces
sour lines crumpled as they never thought it could happen
between two path of opposite lane
they must a separate way.
the sun rises as a roman empire
claiming as it is superior than anyone of them
and yet they stand still...unchanged
waving her young hand away for him
dropping her crystal faded cry
and fake smile...asking him to never be.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

the rise of Nazism

the sun rises at the dawn of western block
in silent it grows stronger everyday
like a river that sees its end of everything
nothing could ever stop them from the rising

years of oppression and discrimination
living in horror as the bombs and bullets becoming our heir
side by side corpses waltzing proudly at the beginning of their journey
naked with sovereignty...

look deeply in the eyes of the children
do you see hope glitters in surpression
do you see life after your death
or evil galloping your destiny...

make this our fiction of true greatness
for nothing could dismiss the chance of redemption
and let the future sees us in awe
and let them remember we dare ourselves against any odds

rise the people of aryan...
linger in the new light of power among the hunger
forward in your step of greatness
and rule our forefathers for the thirst of glory


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

mimpiland ep2

mimpiland ep2

the door seems so far from my reaching
the very oak like door with that golden knob
engraved in classical roman mystery
that i knew before my time

i was so sure i have once visited it
stepped beyond it sometime i forgot when
linggered inside it but i know where
but i did..

it was like a land so vast from us
covered with beautiful colored flowers
of lilys, roses, orchids and daffodills
dancing gracefully in morning face

i remembered the tall oak tree that sits in the middle
of this weird black pond..
but somehow seem so alive with the light that came from within.
red yellow and green dots of fishes cherishing my presence..
i knew i saw pheonixes dancing in jubilation in the sky,
the sky was purple. so different than one i recognized before
far from the place i stood,there were movement of creatures
hairiest i have ever seen but some how so mystical they enchanted me
singing an unknown anthem that sooths my heart...

it was too fast to remember anything.
it was suddenly dark and i felt my body flying
everything dissappeared in slow motion
and no happy thought remains inside

i could swear i heard thunder..
but deep in me i knew it was not
so loud the voice it trembles my veins
so angry it almost sound like a volcano errupt...and so i closed my eyes.

i was awake in silence..
to notice that i am all alone
in this cube like corridor that fill with white colour
and a shining light at far end of it..


Wednesday, August 01, 2007



syurga itu ada pada sana
di hati, di minda dan ada pada cara
segala yang telah tercatit dan sedia terbuka
sekali-kali tidak tergapai jika itu yang kita pinta

Syurga itu hidup dalam kehidupan
dengan rasa segala pancaindera
setiap masa yang tak pernah terjangka.
namun begitu halus jika difahami
syurga itu milik kita

syurga wujud telah sekian lama
selamanya di hati dan cara
tidak tercapai bagi yang terlalu menjangka
tidak tertawan bagi kita yang suka melawan
dan gagal dalam neraka dunia.

syurga kau tetap di hati
dan tetap dengan cara semoga manusia bahagia
memahami kau wujud sekian lama
dan biar senyum biar tertawa


Monday, July 23, 2007


that rainbow that i know
that sunset that i love
that sonnets that i write
is the only answer of why i wont stop

that voice that i hear
that lips that i touch
that fun that i sense
is nothing sort of any person can give

that confidence that i proud
that dependent that i like
that romantic that i feel
is truly appreciated by none but me

your way of talking
your way of laughing
your way of arguing
is the only way for me to keep loving...

5.27 pm



when the days are old i will see you in a graceful dear
so gloomy the clouds will when i return home
for nights have swore its faith to my faithful vangeance
and i have nothing inside to fear but a burden to bare
so cold it shivers my bone when i was told you did what you could have ever done
to see you welcoming me back with no mercy for i shall showed you none
though your breathe mingle with the death itself
i will follow as what is mine to finish and surely it stays at where it should ever be
tempt me with the power of the superior
for them have dispised me so disgracely with nothing but a life to spare
and i owe them none but your life
for i remember that never once i asked to cross the Yellow line.
your betrayal is nothing sort of a coward
turning your back on our forefathers
and murdering the treaty that we once hold so bravely
and for that i wish death has its mercy upon your soulless body
dignity is all i bare
for nothing pleases me when see your blood fill my lust
for i will forever remembered as one who follows
and you will die as one with love and forgotten son...

5.05 pm

Monday, July 02, 2007

grace and lonely

your wrinkles cracked when i see u laughs
grey hairs that rock my heart off
when i will forever be your dear
beautiful shining eyes that could only say it all
that i want to grow old with you
your body trembles with love
aging flawlessly like a queen
when i see your face telling me
perhaps my dear, the world has gone wrong
and we should grow old together
you speak as nothing worries
even sometimes it makes me feel clumsy
but for your sweet dendallion petals
i die just to have your love
and we could grow old forever..


Sunday, June 24, 2007

heaven's eyes

heaven's eyes

yes you.
the one with heaven's eyes.
that melts away my days
the one with silly weird nose
but never failed to carve happiness within my soul
your smiles that sooth my doubt
the smile of thousand tears
yes you.
forever in me, such a tragedy.
you created a world with your kindness showed to me
a world of your's that i inside it
grateful and symetry, casted perfectly in a jungle clouds of thing beyond
a feeling.
with the heart of the kindness person.
love of such superior.
and touch of a soft angel.
the women i only love.
the one i have truly ever....

zarie's world

Friday, June 22, 2007

life is beautiful

purple blood of november
turns to blue in April that summer sings its lullaby
dancing with crowds in the month of december
where sweetest taste of God's rain pouring on old verendah

early morning where we got up from dad's ragged bed
strolling flawelessly to see the petals shine its sight
in the afternoon we sat. with mom's tasty sambal belacan
at night we stared towards the darkness and stars prevail.

it was twenty years ago.
when i was only a child but life thought me to be an adult
where life is beautiful when you are only a child
and life is so grateful to you

those were really the days i supposed
we laughed and cried for the beautiful part of honesty
keeping no secrets between you and me
those were the days when i was a child.


forget all my swearings if darkness prevails
remember my lacking if your only intention is leaving
for never i in awe of the beautiful game they played
and you that can only justify it

so i am the ever adressed black sheep
that is so maticulously hard to be pleased
and failure to some for only wanting to make me happy
and you that can only justify it

why should words need to be place accordingly
where the matter is only the meaning.
why should it be easily changing
and you that can only justify it

so half of you is somewhat vague
where i found it funny that used to be me
questions that need to be ask
and you that can only justify it.

so long i have wait
only to be told that life is unfair
but nay i must say
for life is sweet for those who dare to taste it...

5.01 pm
22june 07

Sunday, May 13, 2007


they say those who are glorified lie in the midst of anarchy
silently watch as the weak raise their feet
and hatred filled upon the creed
the angst that errupted and the death remembered

so forth it was foreseen by the people of the past
that united flag we swore to defend
the lord is forever we quoted
the land that is taken by the silly mistake of ignorance
the shame that is unbearable so much we delivered

what left in this world without the pride that was once redeemed
what road should be taken to glorify its meaning
to stumble upon the history as those who lost
and those who have tainted the sword with the blood of our own
rather than those who swore on our eternal doom

so much to ponder that maybe there will come a time
where the past glare its page again
and rise all knights to the legion of oath
from the peasants to the rich
from all bloods that streams only One

there come a time where those will answer
and be glorified as those before us have seen
victory upon those who vaguely perceive
and freedom of all evils in between.

14th may 07
selamat hari ibu

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

once... a life

once....a life

like a nest that is empty
old ragged torn and quiet
silent picture with coral green frame
looking souless every second that ticks away

the voice of young pods
cracking with desire of never wanting to grow up
imagination that knows no bounderies
and laughter that has only one meaning

how serene it was when it was still green
simultaneously colorful everytime it changed its seasons
the bluest sky that can ever existed
and long patience old strings of river
ready to give birth to every dying wishes and hopes

it feels like only yesterday the memory was recorded
subtle in details, uncomparable.
untaited by metaphors.
the life and desire to get away from this jungle...
and breathe the air that once fill the lung of my ancestors....

Thursday, March 22, 2007


it was your night
i was your audience
those were your stories
so avidly i watched,
you were smiling..

you were the narrator
that knows no ending
i was your reader
witnessing your tale..

that was where you grew up
it was where you learned things
i was once inside you
and i want never to get out...

that was where i met you
the same where i kissed you
i was on the outside
watching the past together with you..

9.31 pm

Monday, March 12, 2007



cranky as it seen, it stays beautiful
wide and simmetry but so mysteriously it speaks
more and lively, everytime she sees it
a swift graceful on land of god's give
as he remembers it, he knew it all along
that the beginning is at the end when the moon wakes up
waving good bye to the grizzly sun
never she fail to give him the peace
that never belongs to human kind...


no number

no number

on long the summer
that melts it away
sandy beaches full with silver corals
that shines my eyes
and dipped in my smiles
the monstrous rock sitting on the vibe
of mermaid's song
singing the lullaby of broken tears
i listen vermently...
so if the sun sets it tranquility
and the moon jumps gracefully
let me be the one who sees it
for the past it shall be
and now that is left is only me ...
is only me.