Thursday, August 26, 2004

enigma( little journey)

now that i'm here so long away from home
a little far journey has yet for me to started
an imagination is all that i have ever roam
wondering aimlessly my brain is all jaded

would it be fun if i somehow run away from sun
would it be weird if people saw me crying naked
but that is what the risks i long should have done
a flickering noise i desire calling me leave all the those stupid cards

history again makes people able to defy
truthfulness is cheap but matter not cuz its fine
that is what i will do even i hate to try
for i have sold now the soul inside no longer is mine

Friday, August 20, 2004

emily is dying

emily is dying

from the hollow voice of the thick wind
by the edge of this ocean scream
the light is'nt entering
do you care my friend that emily is dying

this red blood i once shared is getting bleak
the breathe long i remember whispering deep
how could i forget this moment of kingdom tragic
sweet looking passion me cuz' emily is dying

i blame you soul for not seen me angry
i curse you tears for you put me in custody
why must i plead when her hands are getting weak
leave her alone cuz' please emily is dying

the side of she will remain rich inside of me
for now angel has come and i have to let it be
for a moment i weep to know that emily is gone
as the angel smile i know that life must goes on

3:14 p.m
emily is dying

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

the song of the eagles

eagles sing eagle cries,
for him to run away from guns,
to seek revenge among those fangs,
a peacefull life no more to find.
for everything that be just let it be,
why must the world so greed to he,
is'nt it so hard to love our heart,
the blood is not our love to God!
his eyes have fade,
in extend to that,
a side of him has lose his part,
no more beautiful burnish the dark,
so eagle fly without a but.
the song of heaven is merely night,
now men forgot thier roles and parts,
as the eagle fly soon we askin why,
no eagles sing no eagle cries!!

3.16 p.m

a flower of hope


the feeling inside is undescribably wonderful
for i have met someone that is angelic beautiful
the way you entered it lightens my heart
and i promise you my love we shall never be apart
all the love we share those storms come what may
the tears we shed with pains we bear
with the love here i shall never quit
at every step you missed i'll be the fire to lit
a future ahead upon a life to begin
i'm here inside waiting for you to walk in
and if it goes well from what i have seen
a future hint let your heart to be the queen.

6.05 p.m

Monday, August 16, 2004


"dad, u have a handsome son" :)

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Long-wang ~ The Dragon
You are Long-wang!
Mythological Background: Yes, the dragon represents
everything you think of when you think of a
dragon - fearsome and invincible. Also, it is
greatly respected just because of that fact.
The dragon has a very protective aspect to it.
Even Jupiter reminds you of intense smashing
power. The dragon is almost always surrounded
by rain-bearing clouds and fog; and the
appearance of its constellation always signals
rainfall and lightning. It's also a symbol of
authority worn by the nobility and the imperial
class. Japanese Name: Seiryuu.

Which Chinese Mythological Being Are You?
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I Am A Sinner

this blood that i shed i will remain in fear
for evil has taken my body and i am a sinner
could it be my soul evil has long after
please angel i dont ever want to have the same tear

is there no sun again for me to have
will there be no solace for me to share
i cry as a sinner that no one has ever care
this burden i keep as the devil keeps on stare

i regret for everyhting i have done
i admit God my soul has long be gone
the past that full of pain lingering like torn
the sins i remember once delipated in such of fond
will it be my last as my life is meant no more
should it makes no different if i decide not to enter the door
what risk i shall ever take just to be back at shore
for heaven mercy please save me from this burning core

4.36 pm
i am a sinner