Monday, July 23, 2007


that rainbow that i know
that sunset that i love
that sonnets that i write
is the only answer of why i wont stop

that voice that i hear
that lips that i touch
that fun that i sense
is nothing sort of any person can give

that confidence that i proud
that dependent that i like
that romantic that i feel
is truly appreciated by none but me

your way of talking
your way of laughing
your way of arguing
is the only way for me to keep loving...

5.27 pm



when the days are old i will see you in a graceful dear
so gloomy the clouds will when i return home
for nights have swore its faith to my faithful vangeance
and i have nothing inside to fear but a burden to bare
so cold it shivers my bone when i was told you did what you could have ever done
to see you welcoming me back with no mercy for i shall showed you none
though your breathe mingle with the death itself
i will follow as what is mine to finish and surely it stays at where it should ever be
tempt me with the power of the superior
for them have dispised me so disgracely with nothing but a life to spare
and i owe them none but your life
for i remember that never once i asked to cross the Yellow line.
your betrayal is nothing sort of a coward
turning your back on our forefathers
and murdering the treaty that we once hold so bravely
and for that i wish death has its mercy upon your soulless body
dignity is all i bare
for nothing pleases me when see your blood fill my lust
for i will forever remembered as one who follows
and you will die as one with love and forgotten son...

5.05 pm

Monday, July 02, 2007

grace and lonely

your wrinkles cracked when i see u laughs
grey hairs that rock my heart off
when i will forever be your dear
beautiful shining eyes that could only say it all
that i want to grow old with you
your body trembles with love
aging flawlessly like a queen
when i see your face telling me
perhaps my dear, the world has gone wrong
and we should grow old together
you speak as nothing worries
even sometimes it makes me feel clumsy
but for your sweet dendallion petals
i die just to have your love
and we could grow old forever..