Sunday, May 13, 2007


they say those who are glorified lie in the midst of anarchy
silently watch as the weak raise their feet
and hatred filled upon the creed
the angst that errupted and the death remembered

so forth it was foreseen by the people of the past
that united flag we swore to defend
the lord is forever we quoted
the land that is taken by the silly mistake of ignorance
the shame that is unbearable so much we delivered

what left in this world without the pride that was once redeemed
what road should be taken to glorify its meaning
to stumble upon the history as those who lost
and those who have tainted the sword with the blood of our own
rather than those who swore on our eternal doom

so much to ponder that maybe there will come a time
where the past glare its page again
and rise all knights to the legion of oath
from the peasants to the rich
from all bloods that streams only One

there come a time where those will answer
and be glorified as those before us have seen
victory upon those who vaguely perceive
and freedom of all evils in between.

14th may 07
selamat hari ibu