Monday, September 19, 2005

soq class

old telegraph machine

sitting at the back of this uncomfortable room
watching horribly at the old telegraph machine
listening to the ever unfading sound of the past
reminding us that history is not just a mere dust...
i dont mean to be rude or what?
but i think some old stuffs are changeable
perhaps a rotten machine like you is just one of the stuff
perhaps not but this attention is no more supporting you...
make no mistake about me respecting you
for you have all the respect in this whole world
but an old telegraph machine like you
you ought to change or you too be in the faces of the days...
between me and you differences are not something new
for you make all the talking and i suffer all the suffering
i long have stop thinking that you are somekind of a jinx
so please stop ticking so i can start thinking..

3.50 pm